KERLITE by Cotto d’Este: A Tile that is Healthy, Safe and Eco-Friendly


KERLITE by Cotto d’Este:    a tile that is Healthy, Safe and Eco-Friendly

Wherever we turn, there’s an overwhelming concern for products that are safe, healthy and eco-friendly.    KERLITE by Cotto d’Este is the result of such a concern in the tile industry.   Suitable for commercial or domestic use, KERLITE is the ideal product for living in a healthy environment: anti-microbial , eco-friendly, easy to clean, does not contain or emit any harmful substances, does not retain dirt and guarantees maximum hygiene.    Yet it remains the result of a simple recipe made of a few essential elements – water, fire and earth.   Yet unlike other stoneware/ceramics, KERLITE is resistant yet light (3 or 5mm thick), flat but flexible, simple to cut, drill and install and easy to clean.

KERLITE can be said to look to the future and look after it.  Whilst oriented towards the technical and aesthetic requirements of contemporary architecture, it reduces the need for raw materials, recycles water and waste products and uses renewable energy and manages the process with high efficiency systems – thus respecting the planet in a responsible way that ensures its future.

Cotto d’Este is defending the planet by articulating their “green mission”  and following through and implementing its mission goals by making a large  investment in a production system that substantially reduces the impact of the carbon footprint notoriously left by industrial processes  and hence contributing to ensuring this planet’s  survival.